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Brent Warren - Download Biography

Brent Warren
Brent is the Director of Training at The Centre for Management & Business Development Ltd (CMBD). He is the lead tutor on the Level 7 and Level 5 management development programmes and his responsibilities include the development of the tutors and trainers as well as overseeing course content and quality.
Brent currently delivers training and qualifications that range from Level 2 Team Leader (with an equivalence to GCSE level) right up to Level 7 Strategic Management & Leadership (with an equivalence to a Masters’ Degree or PGCE). He also designs and co-ordinates training programmes and interventions for CMBD clients and delivers a range of one-day skills workshops.

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Mike Epton - Download Biography

Mike Epton
Mike is an experienced Company Director and Business Development Consultant with a proven record of success within B2B and B2C in both the public and private sectors. As a former director of a large organisation and as a business owner, he has been a highly regarded Executive Coach, Trainer and Consultant for over 13 years.
Over that time Mike has worked with well over 200 organisations across a broad spectrum of sectors and businesses. His main area of expertise lies in strategy and business development and he places a particular focus on the use of design thinking for business and innovation. With a depth of experience you would have difficulty finding elsewhere, his unique perspective provides both challenge and insight.

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Simone Greasley - Download Biography

Simone Greasley
Simone is a highly experienced professional HR practitioner, consultant and trainer. She is particularly skilled in the auditing of existing HR practices throughout client businesses, subsequently assisting in the development of a robust HR strategy that supports the attainment of organisational goals. She can also provide appropriate consultancy, training and coaching support to ensure the delivery of that strategy if required.
Simone's expertise includes customer care, recruitment strategy and the design of bespoke HR related learning and & development interventions. She also has expert knowledge on UK & EU Employment Law, the development of HR policies and contractual documents, designing Talent Acquisition programmes, Investors in Excellence and IIP.

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Dr John Collins - Download Biography

Dr John Collins
A highly experienced and well respected business coach, consultant and trainer, John specialises in working with business leaders and their teams to help them drive significant growth and change.
He has coached individuals to take on senior responsibilities, organisations to innovate and grow, dysfunctional teams to be effective and businesses to change their culture. He has worked with over 200 organisations coaching, mentoring and training business owners, MD’s, senior directors and managers.
John has a strong focus on people and team development, combining his professional training as a coach with real ‘been there and done it’ experience to help people understand and develop the mind-set and behaviours they need to drive better performance. He has a proven ability to mobilise, enthuse and coach business teams to deliver results.

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Liz  Mason - Download Biography

Lix Mason

Liz Mason is a law graduate and highly experienced professional in international business, with over 30 years’ experience in the private sector, public sector and higher education.  She has worked in industry primarily for SME manufacturing firms in the chemicals, textile and printing industries. In the public sector Liz has worked in a consultancy role as an international trade advisor and has been instrumental in the development and implementation of international business support programmes for firms within the Yorkshire & Humber region. For the last ten years Liz has delivered international business executive education training programmes to firms both at UK and international institutions.

Training courses include Contract Law for Business, International Business Management, International Contracting and Contract Negotiations; Understanding Incoterms 2010, Contracts for Beginners; Introduction to Importing; Export Documentation and Customs Procedures; Contract, Finance, Risk management and Logistics in International Business.

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Kirsty & Karen - Download Biography

Kirsty & Karen
Kirsty Sisson and her business partner Karen Kirby have been the Directors of Fresh Marketing Solutions for the past 9 years. They are both Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Chartered Marketers, and are therefore professionally recognised as the best in the UK at what they do. Their expertise covers all aspects of marketing. This can range from high-level strategic planning, to the practical tactical steps required to make the strategic plan a reality.

In the past 9 years, Kirsty and Karen have advised, coached and trained over 500 SME's and several blue-chip corporate clients thoughout the Midlands and the North. Their case load over the past nine years has given them both unparalleled experience in many different sectors and with a range of different sized organisations. We are delighted to welcome them to the CMBD team of experts.
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Carroll Macey - Download Biography

Carroll Macey
Carroll runs the Level 7 Performance Management module and works with CMBD clients to help enhance effectiveness in their roles through development of non-technical knowledge, skills and awareness of mental models that drive behavioural changes needed to achieve personal and organisational success.
Carroll’s passion is in working with organisations to drive results and enhance performances. Her approach to this is through a recipe of workshop facilitation (where knowledge and tools are shared), executive coaching (where insights are gained and obstacles removed) and performance management (where processes are explored and behaviours optimised to drive results).

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Sharon Gibbs -

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Sharon Gibbs

Sharon tutors on the CMI level 7 finance course, delivers our finance courses and works with CMBD clients to help them improve their financial control, management and performance.  She has gathered a significant level of experience through working with a number of different companies over the last 30 years with the focus in the latter half of this on those operating within the SME market.
As a Chartered Management Accountant she works closely with business owners in developing the type of reporting that enables them to steer their business.  Ensuring the basic checks and balances are in place to allow the production of accurate information on which to develop their business strategy.  Many businesses struggle to understand their true cost drivers and therefore where to focus their efforts.

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Serena Humphrey - Download Biography

Serena Humphrey

Serena runs the CMI level 7 finance course, and works with CMBD clients to help them improve their financial control, management and performance. She is a vastly experienced Chartered Management Accountant, (commercial exciting stuff, not the traditional tax and year-end work) specialising in the financial management of SMEs where finance is often the weakest link.
Serena helps business owners make big shifts in their lives, making sure their business works for them by creating an exciting strategy for what they really want.  This helps them take control of their finances, taking much of the stress, uncertainty and pressure out of their businesses – freeing them up to get back to what they love and building their future.


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Phil Atherton - Download Biography

Phil Atherton
Phil is the Sales Training specialist at CMBD. He brings with him a huge amount of experience of sales consultancy and sales training, built over a lengthy and successful career. Phil is responsible for the development and delivery of the in-house sales and sales leadership courses currently offered by CMBD.
In addition to majoring in sales training, Phil also advises clients on the development of powerful sales processes and the adoption of CRM systems to provide effective account management and sales development. Phil also assists, often in conjunction with Simone Greasley, in the recruitment of sales professionals and sales managers.

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Julie Mather - Download Biography

Julie Mather

Julie is an experienced business coach with expertise and knowledge gained from continued professional development and from over 30 years of working directly with businesses and organisations. These have ranged in size from SME’s to international companies and crossed many sectors. Her experience in workforce development has also enabled her to build up an unrivalled network of contacts and specialist knowledge about sources of funding and support available to businesses across all sectors and sizes.
Her specialist areas of expertise are; Coaching businesses who want to grow, Apprenticeships - Recruitment & the Apprenticeship Reforms/Levy, Training - Plan Development and Implementation, including sourcing cost effective training suppliers alongside operational HR management as well as unrivalled experience in Grants & Funding – Searches & Applications.

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Simon Wilson - Download Biography

Simon Wilson
Simon works with CMBD clients to improve their business and operational performance by fusing his knowledge of problem solving tools and methodologies from the world of lean/six-sigma with his understanding of organisational behaviour and occupational psychology.
With his background in organisational behaviour/occupational psychology and his many years' experience of improvement programmes in various sectors (including Rolls Royce), Simon is able to support clients across the full spectrum of activities necessary for success. Such activities might well range from structuring an improvement programme and determining priorities, through to developing the right culture and leadership team.

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Leigh Dorling - Download Biography

Leigh Dorling
There comes a time when your experience and hard work are not enough. Leigh works with CMBD clients who want business growth or improved performance and engagement from their executives and teams. He specialises in ensuring clarity of direction (strategy), getting sales and marketing to deliver the top line and by helping senior people to overcome barriers and deliver their objectives faster than they can do by themselves.

Leigh excels at getting results by helping his clients focus on actions.  His extensive B2B experience, creativity, objectivity, insight and personal support help to u
nlock the hidden 10-20% performance improvements that are untapped within most businesses and people. Leigh has over 30 years of sales, marketing, strategy and people development expertise.

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Mike Salt -    Download Biography

Mike Salt
Mike is an experienced assessor, internal verifier/IQA and EQA (External Quality Assurer) and he covers a range of Supervisory, Leadership & Management qualifications up to and including Level 7 (with an equivalence to Master’s Degree). He also covers the TAQA range of qualifications, including Learning & Development, assessor and verifier qualifications. His other areas of expertise include customer service, business administration and health & safety.
In his role as the Centre Manager for CMBD, Mike is responsible for the quality assurance, policies and procedures and the training of the assessors and tutors in delivering Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualifications programmes from Level 2 Team Leader up to Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership. In the last two annual CMI audits (2015 & 2016), Mike has achieved ‘no actions required’ status and CMBD has been used as an example of best practice in supporting learners.

Rachel Lannon -    Download Biography

Rachel Lannon

Rachel is a highly credible business trainer and consultant with over 25 years’ senior leadership experience in global procurement, manufacturing and supply chain working for multinational corporations.  She has a thorough understanding of what it takes for smaller businesses to successfully win and supply larger customers (having trained thousands of procurement professionals from major public and private sector organisations).

Rachel has delivered transformational change throughout supply chains internationally.  She spent a number of years based in the USA during which time she worked closely with the US Purchasing Strategy Council to develop and implement world class procurement techniques. She communicates well with all levels of the organisation. She rapidly gains the knowledge required for each new assignment and presents ideas effectively to ensure early success. Rachel is a trained facilitator and Six Sigma Management Black Belt.  Having managed teams in all 5 continents her international experience means she works well with diverse groups to build high performing teams.

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