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Brent Warren
Brent is the Director of Training at The Centre for Management & Business Development Ltd (CMBD). He is the lead tutor on the Level 7 and Level 5 management development programmes and his responsibilities include the development of the tutors and trainers as well as overseeing course content and quality.
Brent currently delivers training and qualifications that range from Level 2 Team Leader (with an equivalence to GCSE level) right up to Level 7 Strategic Management & Leadership (with an equivalence to a Masters’ Degree or PGCE). He also designs and co-ordinates training programmes and interventions for CMBD clients and delivers a range of one-day skills workshops.

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The Project Management – The People course is one of two CMBD introductory workshops that focus on the art of project management (the other being the complimentary workshop, Project Management – The Process). Many project management training courses concentrate on the technical skills and issues, when in fact, success or failure is often determined by the people involved. The correct identification of stakeholders, defining the end user, team management skills, a robust and effective communication process and to able be motivate the project team can be the real keys to successful project completion.  

This highly interactive workshop examines the importance of involving the right people in the planning process, uses tools like the power/influence matrix to determine the communication strategy and discusses ways of managing a project alongside the day job. Many managers find themselves given the responsibility for a major, strategically important project whilst having to continue to run their department. 

The workshop also looks at the personal skills and attributes required to successfully lead and manage a major project. There may be the need to look at the balance between the management and leadership responsibilities of the Project Manager and the way in which these change during the life-cycle of the project.


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This course is particularly appropriate for managers who have been (or who are going to be) given the responsibility for a major project. This may be in addition to the normal management responsibilities or as a dedicated project manager for the duration of the project. The workshop is also suitable for people with prior experience of project management who wish to enhance and improve their understanding of the people issues involved in a major strategic project.

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