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Brent Warren
Brent is the Director of Training at The Centre for Management & Business Development Ltd (CMBD). He is the lead tutor on the Level 7 and Level 5 management development programmes and his responsibilities include the development of the tutors and trainers as well as overseeing course content and quality.
Brent currently delivers training and qualifications that range from Level 2 Team Leader (with an equivalence to GCSE level) right up to Level 7 Strategic Management & Leadership (with an equivalence to a Masters’ Degree or PGCE). He also designs and co-ordinates training programmes and interventions for CMBD clients and delivers a range of one-day skills workshops.

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What is leadership? This is the most widely written about and researched business training topic in history and the global literature on the subject is huge and diverse. The one thing that most people agree on is that effective leadership is an essential determinant of organisational and business success. So ‘What is the ‘best’ style of leadership?’ is a question that is constantly asked.

This CMBD workshop looks at a number of theories and models that have differing perspectives on the nature of leadership and personal development in this area. It also highlights the differences between management and leadership functions and discusses the implications of this. One of the leading writers (John P Kotter in his influential book: A Force for Change: How Leadership Differs from Management 1990) suggests that leadership establishes direction, aligns people, motivates and inspires and produces positive and sometimes dramatic change. Management, on the other hand, is concerned with planning and budgeting, organising and staffing, controlling and problem solving and produces order and consistency. Most commentators conclude that we need a mix of both attributes but that we may naturally tend towards one or the other.

The workshop will look at your own personal ‘preferred’ style of leadership and look at whether you as an individual are more of a manager than a leader or vice versa. We will look at personal development and the concepts around adapting your style depending on the circumstances, the context and the people that you are leading. You will leave the course with clear ideas and actions to develop your own effectiveness as a leader.

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This is a course that suits managers and leaders at first line, middle and senior levels. It assumes that you have some experience of leading a team, department or organisation and that you will be able to relate the concepts and theories to your previous experiences.

The course content is excellent for the private, public and third sectors, and compliments the Team Building Skills workshop. If you are new to leadership, then we would suggest that you have a look at the Effective People Management course as an excellent introduction to both Teams and Leadership.

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For more information, please contact Brent Warren on 07850 410033 or email brent@cmbd.org.uk

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