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Phil Atherton
Phil is the Sales Training specialist at CMBD. He brings with him a huge amount of experience of sales consultancy and sales training, built over a lengthy and successful career. Phil is responsible for the development and delivery of the in-house sales and sales leadership courses currently offered by CMBD.
In addition to majoring in sales training, Phil also advises clients on the development of powerful sales processes and the adoption of CRM systems to provide effective account management and sales development. Phil also assists, often in conjunction with Simone Greasley, in the recruitment of sales professionals and sales managers.

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In an increasingly competitive world, the importance of achieving the best possible result from a sales opportunity is crucial. However, it is the development of long-term relationships that provide sustainable sales growth and further opportunities to do business. The CMBD Essential Selling Skills workshop looks at a number of things that you can do to increase your sales as well as some of the personal skills and attributes required by sales professionals.
It makes sense to fully understand the requirements of your existing customers as the first stage in looking for extra business. It may have been some time since the relationship was established. Are they fully aware of what you can provide today as opposed to what you could do when they first traded with your company? Do you fully understand what their plans and requirements are and do you genuinely know what is important to them? The best sales professionals anticipate their customers’ needs and produce proposals to meet them. Have you used techniques for categorising your customers? Do you know who are the most profitable? Do you know where the account growth potential is? It is sensible to look for new customers that have the same profile as your best existing ones.

Finally, the workshop looks at some of the basic negotiation, communication and sales techniques that will help you to succeed. We compare the well-known seven steps to a sale process with the more modern and appropriate strategic selling method. And remember that people largely buy from people. The ability to understand verbal and non-verbal communication, to build rapport and empathy and to actually listen to the customer is as important as that fundamental basic for selling..........product knowledge!

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The course is designed for delegates who are relatively new to the role of sales professional. You will probably have received little or no formal training and may have limited experience in the field. The course is primarily suited to a business to business sales environment rather than to retail customers. The assumption is that the delegates will benefit by building strong relationships with key accounts or that one-off sales opportunities are substantial. More experienced sales professionals may find the Advanced Selling Skills course or the Key Account Management course more appropriate.

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