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Broadcast Crisis and Media Training – 1 day                                                                 

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This interactive day is created specifically for each client, building realistic scenarios that are relevant to their own industry. Course leader Steve Dyson spent 20 years as a newspaper journalist and editor, and has also presented for BBC radio and TV, including the creation of six episodes of the HardTALK interview programme for BBC radio.

Using a trained camera crew and the latest technology, Steve sets up a studio in a client’s own premises, and then works with delegates on their media background, potential successes and any crises coming up, and mentors them in preparing confident performances for live TV and radio.

In seven sessions held across a single day, delegates are taught everything they need to know about the media, what the media want, and how to respond to media approaches. Each delegate will then take part in two live broadcast media scenarios, which are recorded on camera with a studio audience to replicate real-life ‘news’ experiences.

The day is fully-interactive, and bespoke course notes for each delegate are provided after the course, along with discs of their broadcast performances.

Designed for:

This is a course that can be built to suit managers and leaders at first line, middle and senior levels. It assumes that you have some experience of leading a team, department or organisation and that you will be able to relate the media concepts and theories to your previous experiences. The course content is excellent for the private, public and third sectors, and for individuals who are expecting to be dealing with the media.

You will learn:

More information:

Designed for a maximum of six delegates at client offices. The course includes one-hour pre-course discussions with Steve Dyson, bespoke course creation time, on-day broadcast technicians and all equipment.

For more information, please contact Brent Warren on 07850 410033 or email brent@cmbd.org.uk

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