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‘For the Management Professionals of today’ 

CMI Level 7 Award, Certificate & Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (QCF) – 6 days


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The CMBD Strategic Management and Leadership Level 7 programme offers a high level journey of exploration into strategic leadership practice, organisational direction, financial management and strategic performance management. As delegates are likely to be CEO’s, Managing Directors and Senior Executives, attendance on the programme requires delegates to be operating at the most senior level in their organisations and to have the experience and prior knowledge required to get the best out of the course and the interaction that they will experience with the peer group.

The programme is delivered over 6 days (usually 2 to 3 weeks apart) and is delivered by tutors who are specialists in their disciplines as well as being commercially experienced. Tutors include Brent Warren, Mike Epton, Carroll Macey, Simone Greasley and Serena Humphrey, and their biographies can be found on the ‘People’ page of the CMBD website at: http://www.cmbd.org.uk/tutors.html

As with all CMBD programmes, the course gives the delegates the option of completing a CMI (Chartered Management Institute) Level 7 qualification if they require. This involves the completion of a number of assignments, attendance on the course and a number of hours of self-study. For more information on what is involved with qualifications, please feel free to contact us for a more in-depth chat or feel free to browse or download the CMI documents below;

CMI Level 7 Qualification Factsheet

CMI Level 7 Qualification Syllabus

Designed for:

The programme is designed for leaders and managers who have the authority and personal inspiration to translate organisational strategy into effective operational performance. The programme requires delegates to build on their strategic management and leadership skills and to focus on the requirements of implementing the organisation’s strategy. The programme is suitable for delegates from the private, public and third sectors who have sufficient knowledge and experience of leadership and management at a strategic level.

One of the features of the CMBD Ltd Level 7 programme is meeting, working with and discussing strategic level issues with like-minded people at a senior level. The course brings together a diverse range of people from differing sectors and creates the opportunity for knowledge transfer to take place between the delegates, creating peer groups that can thrive and grow well after the finish of the formal programme.

The Programme content:

The 6 workshop days are supported by our on-line resource centre for those delegates completing the qualification. This is provided in conjunction with the CMI’s Management Direct facility and is accessed with a user name and login details provided. Management Direct contains one of the largest libraries of management material available in the UK. These include executive briefing documents, access to the majority of management journals available in the UK, videos from leaders in industry and commerce and a library of thousands of e-books.

Access to Management Direct is also available for delegates not completing the qualification. That CMI charge for this service depends on the number of people per organisation, but starts from £125 plus vat per delegate for a 12 month period.

Delegates are also supplied with an appropriate text book for the duration of their course (Organisational Behaviour Huczynski & Buchanan), along with the CMI ‘Pathway’ guides for the six topics covered on the course and can keep these for their own use after the programme has finished.

The six topics covered during the course of the programme are;

Each of the six days provides the underpinning knowledge and resources to give the delegates a comprehensive understanding of the CMI assignment assessment criteria detailed below for each topic. As an example, to complete the Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership requires delegates to complete two or three (depending on which are chosen) of the six topic assignments. Those delegates completing the optional qualification will also receive tutorial one-on-one support during and after the programme to assist them in producing their written assignments.

Completing a Level 7 assignment is a challenge but as you can see from the quote below, the rewards can be great.

"I would be lying to say that writing this assignment has been easy. I have found it very difficult to put my mind-set back into an academic frame, especially when Ark is going so well. It has been nearly 20 years since I completed my degree and I have always preferred working to studying! That said however the whole process of going through the CMI course has, probably for the first time, enabled me to step away from day to day management of the company and really start to think about direction and true leadership, not just keeping those daily plates spinning, and for that the process has been invaluable".

Phil Callow MD Ark ICT Ltd 2017

Delegates deciding not to complete the optional qualification will find the topics covered in each session to be thought-provoking, challenging and of direct relevance the day to day issues and challenges of being a leader and a manager at a senior and strategic level in their organisation. Inter-action with the peer group is also a valuable part of the learning journey.

Whether delegates are completing the qualification or not, the programme is a unique opportunity to increase skill levels, knowledge, understanding and confidence in a wide range of high level topics that are relevant to strategic leadership and management in the 21st Century.

Topic One – Strategic Leadership Practice – Day 1 (CMI Unit 7014)

This topic is about the links between strategic management and leadership, key leadership principles, theory and organisational strategy. Delegates will be able to:


Topic Two – Organisational Direction – Day 2 (CMI Unit 7006)

This topic is about reviewing strategic aims and objectives, analysing progress towards achievement and evaluating alternatives. Delegates will be able to:

Topic Three – Financial Planning – Day 3 (CMI Unit 7007)

This topic is about identifying, developing, agreeing and monitoring a financial plan that supports agreed strategic objectives. Delegates will be able to:


Topic Four – Organisational Change – Day 4 (CMI Unit 7010)

This topic is about identifying and developing change strategies to meet organisational objectives. Delegates will be able to:


Topic Five – Strategic Performance Management – Day 5 (CMI Unit 7002)

This topic is about ensuring that the performance of the team contributes to meeting strategic objectives. Delegates will be able to:

Topic Six – Human Resource Planning – Day 6 (CMI Unit 7012)

This topic is about the role of human resource planning and the links with strategic objectives. The delegates will be able to:

Further information:

The programme is designed for six to twelve delegates and can be run in-house with bespoke content to suit your organisation if required. Please contact us for details of this service and for delegate fees.

Should delegates require registration with the awarding body to complete any of the optional Level 7 qualifications that are available with this programme, then a further fee (to cover CMI registration, tutorial support and assignment marking) will be payable. The fee depends on which level qualification is taken.

The qualification options are shown below but we suggest that you discuss with us which level may be most appropriate for your delegates.

Award (6 credit points & one assignment)

Certificate (13 credit points & 2 assignments)

Diploma (39 credit points & 6 or 7 assignments)

Further CMI qualification information can also be found on the links below:

CMI Level 7 Qualification Factsheet

CMI Level 7 Qualification Syllabus

For more information, please see the www.cmbd.org.uk website or contact Brent Warren on 07850 410033 or email to brent@cmbd.org.uk

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