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Understanding Buyer Behaviour – 1 day

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Phil Atherton
Phil is the Sales Training specialist at CMBD. He brings with him a huge amount of experience of sales consultancy and sales training, built over a lengthy and successful career. Phil is responsible for the development and delivery of the in-house sales and sales leadership courses currently offered by CMBD.
In addition to majoring in sales training, Phil also advises clients on the development of powerful sales processes and the adoption of CRM systems to provide effective account management and sales development. Phil also assists, often in conjunction with Simone Greasley, in the recruitment of sales professionals and sales managers.

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Most sales training focuses on the techniques needed to persuade customers to buy a given solution. There are many available approaches to this issue, but all of them focus on selling a solution, rather than on understanding the buyer’s motives. We are taught to ask powerful questions in order to find out what the customer wants, but only so that we can sell to him.

Now, when we ask people to think of a time when they interacted with a really good sales person, they never talk about brilliant objection handling techniques, fantastic closing questions, or even spectacular discovery methods. People tell us instead of the way in which the sales person understood what they were looking for; how they helped decide between different options, and how they ultimately let the customer buy the option that suited them best. If that is how we want to be sold to, why does so much sales training focus on what the sales people want, instead of the customer?
This workshop investigates the thought processes that take place in the customer’s mind, often unconsciously, and a number of key guiding principles that all of us use all the time when we make decisions. It exposes information that until recently has only been available in psychology journals and technical papers. Using new insights gathered from the field of social psychology, and evidence from experiments to demonstrate the effectiveness of these principles, your team will gain new insights into the needs of your customers and establish consistent, repeatable approaches to providing the experience that only the top sales people in the world are currently delivering.

Designed for: 

The course is designed for teams of sales people. In the workshop you will be able to construct sales techniques and stories that will appeal to the conscious and unconscious decision making principles that are being used by your customers.

You will learn:

How to understand your customer’s key motivations

The secret of the success of the world’s best salesman

Subconscious decision making principles and why they sometimes let us down

How to use these principles to increase the customer’s compliance

How to create truly effective sales stories

How to deal with the hidden decision maker

How to ensure that your customers keep their promises

How to eliminate your competition from the customer’s mind

How to ensure the customer sees the value in your proposition

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