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Phil Atherton
Phil is the Sales Training specialist at CMBD. He brings with him a huge amount of experience of sales consultancy and sales training, built over a lengthy and successful career. Phil is responsible for the development and delivery of the in-house sales and sales leadership courses currently offered by CMBD.
In addition to majoring in sales training, Phil also advises clients on the development of powerful sales processes and the adoption of CRM systems to provide effective account management and sales development. Phil also assists, often in conjunction with Simone Greasley, in the recruitment of sales professionals and sales managers.

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We recommend the following text book for delegates attending the 2 day Advanced Selling Skills course. Written by two UK sales experts (rather than our cousins over the pond!), the book also provides purchasers with access to a library of excellent resources and tools. Click on the link to buy.

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The sales professional operating in the 21st Century is a very different person when compared to the traditional stereotype from the last twenty years. The modern professional understands the difference between transactional and consultative approaches to account management, the importance of listening and how to ask the right questions at the right stage of the process. The modern sales professional also has a very different attitude towards dealing with objections and understands just how sophisticated the modern buyer is.

The CMBD Advanced Selling Skills workshop  is a two day course  that will provide you with a number of tools and techniques that you can use to improve your sales performance. We start on Day 1 with a look at you as an individual  and explore how personality, habits and beliefs affect  our behaviour -  and therefore your results. During Day 2, we will then move on to understanding what motivates and drives the modern buyer and the importance of presenting a compelling  sales presentation. Video feedback is used to provide individual coaching and development to delegates. We finish with looking at the structure and thought process required to develop an account once a relationship has been established.

Throughout the course, delegates will be introduced to useful tools and techniques that can be adapted for use in any organisation if required. The two days of the course are designed to be delivered 1 to 2 weeks apart to allow time for delegates to action plan and practice some of the techniques that they will be introduced to on the first day.  They can then give feedback on their results and share best practice.

Designed for:

This course is designed for existing sales professionals who may have considerable experience in account management, sales and negotiation. If you are relatively new to the sales role, we would suggest that you consider the Essential Selling Skills course as an alternative.

You will learn:

How to identify good and bad sales habits, beliefs and attitude and how to focus your efforts on gaining a continual improvement in performance.


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