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Simone Greasley
Simone is a highly experienced professional HR practitioner, consultant and trainer. She is particularly skilled in the auditing of existing HR practices throughout client businesses, subsequently assisting in the development of a robust HR strategy that supports the attainment of organisational goals. She can also provide appropriate consultancy, training and coaching support to ensure the delivery of that strategy if required.
Simone's expertise includes customer care, recruitment strategy and the design of bespoke HR related learning and & development interventions. She also has expert knowledge on UK & EU Employment Law, the development of HR policies and contractual documents, designing Talent Acquisition programmes, Investors in Excellence and IIP.

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Time is the one resource that is irreplaceable.  Living in this Online World, means that for many people, there is simply not enough hours in one day!   Effective managers are pro-active and in control of how they spend their time.  Simple techniques can enable you to reduce the demands on your time from other people, and can help you prioritise and identify different categories of task. This practical CMBD course looks at identifying personal time traits and how you can achieve your important business and personal goals.
The course addresses the concept of urgency versus importance and explains why the prioritisation of tasks is so fundamental in terms of personal effectiveness and achievement. If the answer to the question ‘what am I doing now?’ is not ‘Something that will get me substantial results’, then this workshop will be time well spent.  We also look in detail at the biggest potential time-waster of all......meetings! These can not only waste your time, but that of other people as well.
The course uses a number of enjoyable tasks and exercises to enable delegates to practice using some of the time management techniques and tools available.  These include delegation, assertive techniques, SMART personal and business goals   We also reflect on how the 24hr body clock affects performance and how to play to your most productive time of the day.  And finally, we look at how the improved use of IT technology can aid effective planning and accelerate work output. 
Experience has taught us that many people are unaware of how they use their time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This workshop can be a real eye-opener for people and acts as a catalyst for change.

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People who wish to become more effective, less stressed and able to achieve more. The course is suitable for all levels of staff and management but is particularly useful for those new to supervision and management or who have had no formal management training in this area. The course can be run on an in-house basis, tailored to suit your organisation if required.

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