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The 2017 University of Nottingham Summer Management School 


Welcome to the web page for The University of Nottingham’s Summer School where we will explain what it is all about and tell you why you should come and join us in 2017.

Over the last 11 years, hundreds of students from the Nottingham Chinese and Malaysian campuses and other organisations have visited the Nottingham campus for the two week Summer School in the first two full weeks of July. They have had a powerful and unique learning experience that perfectly complements their academic studies and that has helped them to prepare for the world of work.

During their time with us, they learned practical skills that included Leadership, Team-working, Communication, Planning, Problem-solving and Negotiation to name but a few, and they had an extraordinary amount of fun!

The 2017 Summer School runs for two weeks commencing Monday 3rd July 2017

The CMI Qualification option!

There will be the opportunity for students to complete an optional  Level 3 Management and Leadership Award qualification with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) whilst attending. Click on the CMI logo below for more information about the organisation.

CMI logo

The CMI is one of the leading awarding bodies in the UK for Management & Leadership qualifications. A Level 3 Award is at First LIne Manager level and is a valuable Internationally recognised addition to an academic CV. Students taking the qualification will complete Unit 3008 in Improving Team Performance. The qualification brochure, fact sheet, 3008 assignment brief and course syllabus can be accessed below.

Qualification Information Brochure
CMI Factsheet
Unit 3008 Assignment Brief
Level 3 Syllabus
Students opting to complete the qualification will receive full tutor support at special seminar sessions during the two weeks of the Summer School and will be required to hand in their work before departing. Students will have to complete one 2000 to 2500 word assignment in written English to a satisfactory standard to gain the qualification. Further help and resources to complete the qualification can be found on the CMBD website resource centre below.

CMBD Resource Page Click the Level 3 button.

Want to do the Qualification?

If you have not pre-booked your qualification you can do so and pay for it using the Paypal 'buy now' button below. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can create one and pay with a credit or debit card.

The cost of the qualification is £354.00 and includes registration with the CMI, full tutor support and assignment marking. Certificates will be forwarded to your University or specifed address when received.

    CMI Level 3 Qualification

The Company visits

As part of the Summer School programme, students will have the opportunity to tour world class UK based companies. In 2017, the company visits will be to a Boots cosmetics factory and the Wedgewood pottery. You will be given more details on your induction day.

So why should you come?

When we asked the 2015 students what they thought of the programme and whether they would recommend it, the answer was a massive YES!

On the final day, we asked some of the students if they would mind recording a short interview on their experiences and you can see these on the links below. The videos are unedited and exactly as they were recorded on the day (even number 3 when the interviewer tripped over the camera tripod!).

2015 Interview 1    2015 Interview 2    2015 Interview 3    2015 Interview 4

Summer School 2015
Summer School 2015

Some of their reasons for such a positive response were:

- Learning practical business skills that you cannot get on your university course.
- A unique learning experience where you are not just told about things, but have to do them.
- An opportunity to learn how real business is done all round the world.
- A better understanding of your own strengths and how to manage your weaknesses.
- And that they found the teaching style unique and fun! After all, if you enjoy it you learn more!

During their time with us they were able to download the course timetable, access the learning material on this web page and check out the photographs that we posted during the two weeks. We have left the material for you to have a look at so that you have a good understanding of the course content.

And do have a look at the Movies!

For their final exercise, we asked them to produce a film that reflected what they had learned over the two weeks of the course. They were not given any equipment, materials or ideas but had to sort all of this out themselves. As you will see, the results were spectacular and many of the films focused on the power of effective leadership, the power of a team and the ability to manage time and resources.

So, what are you waiting for?
Sign up and join us in 2017 for a powerful and exciting learning experience that will prepare you for the world of work as well as give you the opportunity to gain an important qualification with a leading UK awarding body.

email:  for more information and to book.

 'The Movies!'

The links below will take you to the movies produced by the students on their final day at The University of Nottingham Summer Management School 2015.

This exercise is a real challenge and requires the students to apply all of the knowledge and techniques that they learned on the summer school. These included planning and decision making skills, time management, creative thinking, problem solving, communication skills, leadership and team working.

The results speak for themselves as every one of the ten teams succeeded in producing their Movie on time and to an incredibly high standard. Well done to everyone who took part as these are by far the best films we have ever had produced!

Dreamers in UNUK    233 The Series    Miscommunication

The Guessing Game    The Test Before Marriage

Apologies that some of the soundtracks many have gaps....Youtube kindly removes anything that is owned by a third party!

Student Resources 2017

We are delighted to welcome you to the 2017 student summer school here at The University of Nottingham.

Here you will find useful information, details of the tutors that you will meet during your time at the summer school as well as some handouts on some of the subjects that we will be teaching you about.

Have fun and enjoy learning!

Summer School 2015

More Photographs from 2015!

Photo 1    Photo 2    Photo 3    Photo 4    Photo 5    Photo 6    

Photo 7    Photo 8    Photo 9    Photo 10    Photo 11    Photo 12

Photo 13    Photo 14    Photo 15    Photo 16    Photo 17    Photo 18   

University Campus Map 2017

For a map of the campus please click here

Summer School Classroom Schedule 2017

For the 2017 Summer School schedule please click here
This will tell you where you need to be, who will be your tutor and what you will be doing each day.

Handouts 2017

CMBD Leadership (full hand-out)
CMBD Team Working
CMBD Motivation
CMBD Presentation Skills
CMBD Negotiation Skills

You are also welcome to have a look at our more extensive library of information and materials on the resource page of the website.

Summer School Tutors 2017

Brent Warren - Download Biography

Brent Warren Tutor
Brent is the Director of Training at The Centre for Management & Business Development Ltd (CMBD). He is the lead tutor on the Level 7 and Level 5 management development programmes and his responsibilities include the development of the tutors and trainers as well as overseeing course content and quality.
Brent currently delivers training and qualifications that range from Level 2 Team Leader (with an equivalence to GCSE level) right up to Level 7 Strategic Management & Leadership (with an equivalence to a Masters’ Degree or PGCE). He also designs and co-ordinates training programmes and interventions for CMBD clients and delivers a range of one-day skills workshops.

Read full profile

Mike Epton -  Download Biography

Mike Epton
Mike is an experienced Company Director and Business Development Consultant with a proven record of success within B2B and B2C in both the public and private sectors. As a former director of a large organisation and as a business owner, he has been a highly regarded Executive Coach, Trainer and Consultant for over 13 years.
Over that time Mike has worked with well over 200 organisations across a broad spectrum of sectors and businesses. His main area of expertise lies in strategy and business development and he places a particular focus on the use of design thinking for business and innovation. With a depth of experience you would have difficulty finding elsewhere, his unique perspective provides both challenge and insight.

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Simone Greasley - Download Biography

Simone Greasley
Simone is a highly experienced professional HR practitioner, consultant and trainer. She is particularly skilled in the auditing of existing HR practices throughout client businesses, subsequently assisting in the development of a robust HR strategy that supports the attainment of organisational goals. She can also provide appropriate consultancy, training and coaching support to ensure the delivery of that strategy if required.
Simone's expertise includes customer care, recruitment strategy and the design of bespoke HR related learning and & development interventions. She also has expert knowledge on UK & EU Employment Law, the development of HR policies and contractual documents, designing Talent Acquisition programmes, Investors in Excellence and IIP.

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