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The D2N2 Growth Hub ScaleUP pilot has now successfully been delivered by the partnership.

176 companies enaged
51 companies supported with coaching and training
280 attended workshop days
780 hours of business coaching delivered

We are expecting to be able to provide more of the same so please contact Mike (details above) for an update. April 18

D2N2 Growth Hub ScaleUP is delivered in partnership with:

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About D2N2 Growth Hub ScaleUP, and click here for FAQ's

If your company is growing at a pace that is hard to manage, then D2N2 Growth Hub ScaleUP could be the ideal solution. The D2N2 Growth Hub is working in partnership with a consortium of expert partners to deliver an exclusive and unique programme of specific, tailored and intense high-growth business support to a limited number of high growth enterprises that are growing rapidly or planning to do so.

D2N2 Growth Hub ScaleUP runs until March 2018 and is an exclusive, invitation-only scheme focused on established successful businesses that are scaling up; have the potential to scale up; or are ambitious to grow and scale up. Through D2N2 ScaleUP, selected companies will have access to a heavily subsidised and co-ordinated range of proven business support tools, practical support and a training programme, a proportion of which will be free or funded through a grant scheme, and the remainder paid by the company, based on their individual needs and requirements.

Definition of a ScaleUP Business:

D2N2 Growth Hub ScaleUP is being made available exclusively to a limited number of companies in three categories of high-growth business:

Scale-up businesses - businesses with at least 10 people, turnover between £1-15m and annual growth of 20%+ for the last three years.

Potential Scale-up businesses - businesses with at least 10 people, a turnover of £1-15m and that have achieved some of the ScaleUp criteria, such as annual growth of 10%+ for the last three years or 20% + for the last two years.
Ambitious Businesses - businesses that can demonstrate their potential to scale up along with partial scale-up characteristics, such as: right size but not growing because they need specific help.

Common barriers to achieving high growth:
As a successful business, there may be many challenges influencing your ability to take the next steps and scale up, such as :

- Lack of clarity of the actions needed to sustain your business growth performance
- Variable individual and team performance
- Working at full capacity, but not achieving full profitability
- Limited access to new customers and markets
- Inadequate processes and structures in place to support further growth
- Lack of appropriate skills, talent and capabilities - including in your management team

D2N2 Growth Hub ScaleUP recognises and understands these challenges, and our expert partners are familiar with how a business can identify and tackle these barriers and help you to take the necessary steps to grow your business.

Who is delivering D2N2 Growth Hub ScaleUP?

The D2N2 Growth Hub is working in partnership with a consortium of experienced partners, namely:

- Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University (NBS)
- The Centre for Management & Business Development Centre (CMBD)
- East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire)
- Professional Coaching Alliance (PCA)

The delivery partnership combines academic excellence in leading-edge business thinking and practice with qualified, highly experienced business coaches and trainers who work extensively with scale-up and high growth businesses. These will be supported by dynamic business communication and networking to build an established presence across D2N2 and provide the valuable, practical and effective support that high growth and scale-up businesses need and want, across the D2N2 region. It is this dynamic collection of activities that make up D2N2 Growth Hub ScaleUP!

What is D2N2 Growth Hub ScaleUP and its advantages to a business?

The D2N2 ScaleUP will provide the following support programme, tailored to your specific needs and scale up requirements:

- A critical review of individual scale-up challenges and opportunities
- High quality coaching to help you identify and achieve your business goals
- Leadership and management development programmes to enhance your skills
- Workshops focusing on identifying and accessing potential markets, sales and marketing, access to        finance and innovation
- Personalised support through an executive peer-to-peer network - so that you can learn from others
- Access to talent and onward referral to support your future needs

With this wide array of activities, diverse range of organisations and the exclusive group of participating businesses, D2N2 Growth Hub ScaleUP aims to create an active and dynamic support community that will help develop both the individual businesses and, collectively, the interaction and profile of those businesses.

Application process and next steps:
Once a business makes contact, it will undergo initial eligibility checks, followed by a Critical ScaleUP Review to determine suitability to the heavily subsidised service and the priorities you need to address. Eligible businesses will then be referred to a well-trained and highly knowledgeable ScaleUp adviser to determine the most suitable and appropriate support package.

Is D2N2 Growth Hub ScaleUP right for my business?

1. Is your business currently growing or looking to grow or scale up?

2. Are you at a point where you need additional support to continue to grow?

3. Could you benefit from support that would help you to:

- Identify and exploit opportunities to scale?
- become a successful scale-up leader able to embrace and lead change?
- achieve more from your team to make scaling up more achievable?
- sell a wider range of products to more customers in more markets?
- delight your customers and improve business processes to support scaling up?
- create the cash flow resources that could underpin scaling up?
- access the finance you need to scale up and grow?
- reduce the mistakes that could inhibit scale-up?

If you answered yes to any of the above then D2N2 Growth Hub ScaleUP may be for you. Get in touch:

Telephone: Mike Epton 07733 107238
email:           scaleup@cmbd.org.uk     

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