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Phil Atherton
Phil is the Sales Training specialist at CMBD. He brings with him a huge amount of experience of sales consultancy and sales training, built over a lengthy and successful career. Phil is responsible for the development and delivery of the in-house sales and sales leadership courses currently offered by CMBD.
In addition to majoring in sales training, Phil also advises clients on the development of powerful sales processes and the adoption of CRM systems to provide effective account management and sales development. Phil also assists, often in conjunction with Simone Greasley, in the recruitment of sales professionals and sales managers.

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The challenges associated with managing a sales force are very different from those in other management positions. Sales teams bring a range of unique issues that require a special skill set to deal with. This course deals with those issues and shows you how to manage your team, even though they may be working remotely.

On the course you will learn how to apply the principles of leadership to Sales Management and have an opportunity to understand and adapt your own style. We will take you through the principles of motivation and show you ways to galvanize the team that can complement any financial incentives you offer. In the afternoon we will show you how to recognize good and poor performance and how to ensure your team performs at its peak.

This is a one day course that can be delivered in house (and customized to the needs of your business) or that is available on an open course basis from time to time.

Designed for:

This course is suitable for sales people recently promoted to their first sales management position as well as for sales managers who have a number of years’ experience but want access to the latest techniques and tools developed in the industry.

You will learn:


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