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The Art of Performance Management – 1 day

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Carroll Macey
Carroll runs the Level 7 Performance Management module and works with CMBD clients to help enhance effectiveness in their roles through development of non-technical knowledge, skills and awareness of mental models that drive behavioural changes needed to achieve personal and organisational success.
Carroll’s passion is in working with organisations to drive results and enhance performances. Her approach to this is through a recipe of workshop facilitation (where knowledge and tools are shared), executive coaching (where insights are gained and obstacles removed) and performance management (where processes are explored and behaviours optimised to drive results).

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The role of the First Line Manager in performance management is crucial. The ability to quickly pick up on issues and to be able to address then quickly is a vital skill. The first requirement is to recognise the formal and informal techniques for measuring performance, being able to distinguish between fact and fiction and to assess whether the problem affects the entire team or just one individual. Do we also know whether the poor performance is caused by an attitude and behaviour issue or is this something that we can address by improving skills and knowledge?
Whatever our approach, our chances of success will be improved with a solid understanding of the various approaches that we can take, techniques for performance counselling, coaching and knowing what a robust and SMART action plan looks like. We also need to understand our role in helping an individual to improve performance and be aware of the various types of support that can be provided.
Finally, the course looks at the role of the disciplinary process in addressing performance issues. It is important that we understand when disciplinary (and grievance processes) should be invoked and our role in that process. It is obviously preferable to ‘nip things in the bud’ quickly, but there may be times either we have tried to do that or the issue is too serious for a more informal approach.
This one day course is unique as it also provides the opportunity to complete Unit 3008 for a CMI Level 3 Award qualification on an optional basis. Candidates taking the qualification will received full tutorial support, access to the CMI and CMBD learning resources  and feedback on their assignment. Full details on request.

Designed for:
The workshop is especially suitable for Supervisors, Team Leaders and First Line Managers who are responsible for a team or for people with no previous management training.

You will learn:

- What the role of the Supervisor/First Line Manager is in this area

- How to use a variety of formal and informal techniques to assess performance

- The use of tools such as ASK-ABE to determine what is causing the issue

- A variety of formal and informal approaches to addressing performance issues

- How to conduct a performance counselling session

- How to use action plans and review processes

- What to do if all else fails! The disciplinary process

- The process for dealing with grievances

- The role of the Supervisor/First Line Manager in disciplinary and grievance procedures

For more information and to discuss further, please contact Carroll Macey         carroll@cmbd.org.uk

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