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CMI Level 3 Ist Line Management downloads

Assignment Briefs, mark schemes and direct links to the CMI study resource centre for each Level 3 unit. Note that you will need your user name and password from your CMI registration pack to access the study resources area. Please click the Management Direct logo below or at the end of this section to access.

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Assignment briefs for candidates starting L3 qualifications. These are the usual choice certificate units that candidates use to obtain 13 credit points. Everyone does unit 3008 as it carries 7 credit points with most of the other units only having a value of 6.

We recommend that you have a look at the mark schemes as well as they give a very clear idea of what your assessor will be looking for when your work is marked. 

Assignment Brief 3001        Assignment Brief 3008        Assignment Brief 3010
Mark Scheme 3001              Mark Scheme 3008             Mark Scheme 3010

Handouts & links - Useful things to help you complete your Level 3 assignments

CMI New Level 3 Syllabus (Very clear guidance as to what you should be writing in your assignments)
Qualification Factsheet Level 3
CMBD Ltd CMI policies and procedures
Getting started on 3008 (really helpful if you are stuck or just need to get started!)

General handouts for Level 3 candidates

Situational Leadership (Tell, Sell, Participate, Delegate)
CMBD Leadership (full handout)
CMBD Team Roles Handout
CMBD Motivation Handout

Handouts that are really useful for assignment writing

Performance Counselling Plan Template
General TNA Individual 
Diagrams for L2 and L3 assignments (Really useful as 'free' as regards word-count!)
Tuckman Model Of Team Development
John Adair's Action Centred Leadership explained
Tannenbaum & Schmidt Continuum explained
Situational Leadership styles explained
Other Leadership Styles explained
Management v Leadership handout
French & Raven's 5 power bases
Abraham Maslow's Hierachy of Needs explained
Frederick Hertzberg's Hygiene Motivation Theory explained

CMBD L3 course slides handout day 1
CMBD L3 course slides handout day 2
CMBD L3 course slides handout day 3
CMBD L3 course slides handout day 4
CMBD L3 course slides handout day 5
CMBD L3 course slides handout day 6

Audio Tutorials to help you in Level 3 assignment writing

Audio Powerpoint 'Introduction to Assignments'         Sond icon

A general introduction to level 3 and 5 assignments, including guidance on which ones you need to do for your specific qualification.
Audio Powerpoint 'Writing a Level 3 Assignment'       Sound icon

How to approach researching and writing a level 3 assignment. Includes advice on using work based examples to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding.

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General Library

This section contains categorised handouts, workbooks and other downloads that you may find helpful. This library is added to on a regular basis and we hope that you will find it useful and interesting

Managing People

CMBD Motivation
CMBD Leadership (full hand-out)
CMBD Team Roles

Training Needs Analysis Templates

Management TNA Individual
Management TNA Group
Commercial (sales) TNA Individual
Commercial (sales) TNA Group
General TNA Individual
General TNA Group


Improving Operations
Lean Manufacturing and BPR
Basic Planning Principles

Presentation & Communication

Introduction to PR
Presentation Skills - Pre-course briefing
CMBD Presentation Skills Handout
Transactional Analysis Handout

Sales & Negotiation

CMBD Negotiation Skills Handout
Selling Skills - Articles
CMBD Selling Skills Handout
Key Account Management Slides
Key Account Management Handout 1
Key Account Management Handout 2
Key Account Management Handout 3a
Key Account Management Handout 3b
Key Account Management Handout 4
Key Account Management Handout 5
Key Account Management Handout 6
Key Account Management Handout 7
Key Account Management Handout 8
Key Account Management Handout 9
Key Account Management Handout 10
Key Account Management Handout Questionnaire

Personal Effectiveness

30 Ways to save time!

Project Management

PRINCE2 Process Diagrams
PRINCE2 Project Health Checklist
PRINCE2 Slide notes
PRINCE2 Slide set
Project logic diagrams
Project Management - The People notes
Project Management - The Process notes
Project Management - The People slides
Project Management - The Process slides
Max Wideman Project Management Site Link
Project logic box spreadsheet example
Project flow diagram for above

Senior Management

Knowledge Management
Planning & Managing Change
Risk Management
Risk Management Tools
Strategic Planning Handbook

Training, Mentoring & Coaching

Coaching & Mentoring
Train the Trainer Handout