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This page is designed to support candidates completing a CMI Level 7 qualification in Strategic Leadership and Management. Scroll down for resources and information for completing assignments.

We also recommend Alan Chapman's Businessballs website. This is a  huge free resource compiled by Alan Chapman from Loughborough University with many downloadable templates, articles and other useful tools. Businessballs.com

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CMI Level 7 Leadership & Management downloads

This is the Level 7 syllabus for the Award, Certificate and Diploma qualifications. It contains a lot of useful information on the rules of combination for the different qualification options and detailed guidance on assignment content.

Level 7 Syllabus Feb 15
Qualification Factsheet Level 7

General useful information links.

CMBD Ltd CMI policies and procedures
Descriptor verbs guide
How to reference in a Word document (link to Microsoft help page)

These are the specific resources for the most common assignments completed by candidates. Award candidates are required to complete 1 unit with a credit point value of at least 5, Certificate candidates are required to complete at least two assignments with a credit point value of at least 13 and Diploma candidates 5 or 6 assignments with a credit point value of at least 39. There are other options available (see the Syllabus) and your assessor will provide you with the relevant assignment briefs and mark schemes should you decide to do one of these.

Unit 7002 - Performance Management assignment Briefs, mark schemes and hand-outs.

Assignment Brief Unit 7002 Developing Performance Management Strategies 7 credits
Mark scheme Unit 7002

Balanced Scorecard Review 7S and the Balanced Scorecard
Balanced Scorecard Chart 7S Worksheet
Implementing the Balanced Scorecard The McKinsey 7S Framework
Deming Handout Generation 'Y' Motivators
Deming in the Health Sector The Actual Value of Motivation & Engagement
Employee Motivation Reversal Theory

Unit 7003 - Financial Management assignment Briefs, mark schemes and hand-outs.

Assignment Brief Unit 7003 Financial Management  7 credits
Mark Scheme Unit 7003

A Programme for Benchmarking Business Ratios Controlling a Budget
Cost Benefit Analysis Discounted Cash Flow Drawing up a Budget
Handling information Increasing Profitability Incremental Budgeting
Performance Measurement Inventory Management Investment Appraisal
Making Rational Decisions Managing Financial Risk Managing Working Capital
Need Cash? Look inside Reading a Balance Sheet Reading a Profit & Loss
Spotting Fraud Using Scenarios Zero Based Budgeting

Unit 7006 - Strategy Planning assignment Briefs, mark schemes and hand-outs.

Assignment Brief Unit 7006 Reviewing Organisational Strategy & Performance 9 credits
Mark scheme Unit 7006

Unit 7010 - Strategic Change assignment Briefs, mark schemes and hand-outs.

Motivating Employees In Change The Sufi Elephant Story Why Manage Change? Article
Mapping Change Handout How you can Manage Change GM Case Study
Change Plan Template Change Management Checklist Change Leader Change Thyself
Change in the Public Sector Accenture - Journey Management The Seven Trends Article

Assignment Brief Unit 7010 Implementing Organisational Change Strategies 7 credits
Mark scheme Unit 7010

If you wish to purchase any of the books referred to in the workshop on Strategic change, please click on the links below.


Unit 7012 - Human Resource assignment Briefs, mark schemes and hand-outs.

Assignment Brief Unit 7012 Strategic Human Resource Planning 8 credits
Mark scheme Unit 7012

Clutterbuck succession planningIES HR Planning
Planning worksheet HR - BlankRecruiting staff
Star modelStarting Staff - Induction
The Cultural Web - Model

Unit 7014 - Leadership Practice assignment Briefs, mark schemes and hand-outs.

Assignment Brief Unit 7014 Strategic Leadership Practice 7 credits
Mark scheme Unit 7014

A New Leadership Blueprint - Stern Blake & Moulton Styles Questionnaire
Emotional Intelligence - Cartwright/Solloway Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire
Level Five Leadership Questionnaire - Jim Collins Resistance to Organisational Change - Bovey
Level Five Leadership Article - Jim Collins Hofstede Survey Russia/USA/UK
Corporate Lifecycles - Dr Ichak Adizes Ethical Leadership Article - Gregory
CMBD Slide Set for Leadership Session

General Library

This section contains categorised handouts, workbooks and other downloads that you may find helpful. This library is added to on a regular basis and we hope that you will find it useful and interesting

Managing People

CMBD Motivation
CMBD Leadership (full hand-out)
CMBD Team Roles

Training Needs Analysis Templates

Management TNA Individual
Management TNA Group
Commercial (sales) TNA Individual
Commercial (sales) TNA Group
General TNA Individual
General TNA Group


Improving Operations
Lean Manufacturing and BPR
Basic Planning Principles

Presentation & Communication

Introduction to PR
Presentation Skills - Pre-course briefing
CMBD Presentation Skills Handout
Transactional Analysis Handout

Sales & Negotiation

CMBD Negotiation Skills Handout
Selling Skills - Articles
CMBD Selling Skills Handout
Key Account Management Slides
Key Account Management Handout 1
Key Account Management Handout 2
Key Account Management Handout 3a
Key Account Management Handout 3b
Key Account Management Handout 4
Key Account Management Handout 5
Key Account Management Handout 6
Key Account Management Handout 7
Key Account Management Handout 8
Key Account Management Handout 9
Key Account Management Handout 10
Key Account Management Handout Questionnaire

Personal Effectiveness

30 Ways to save time!

Project Management

PRINCE2 Process Diagrams
PRINCE2 Project Health Checklist
PRINCE2 Slide notes
PRINCE2 Slide set
Project logic diagrams
Project Management - The People notes
Project Management - The Process notes
Project Management - The People slides
Project Management - The Process slides
Max Wideman Project Management Site Link
Project logic box spreadsheet example
Project flow diagram for above

Senior Management

Knowledge Management
Planning & Managing Change
Risk Management
Risk Management Tools
Strategic Planning Handbook

Training, Mentoring & Coaching

Coaching & Mentoring
Train the Trainer Handout