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Kirsty Sisson & Karen Kirby biography

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Kirsty & Karen

Introduction & Expertise


Kirsty and her business partner Karen have been the Directors of Fresh Marketing Solutions for the past 9 years. They are both Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Chartered Marketers, and are therefore professionally recognised as amongst the best in the UK at what they do. It is for this reason that CMBD invited them to join the team, filling an important gap in the expertise that our clients can draw on when required.

Their expertise covers all aspects of marketing. This can range from high level strategic planning with the exploration of markets and product/service requirements, to the practical tactical steps required to make the strategic plan a reality.

Practical examples of this expertise include: Providing audits of existing marketing activity/budgets; working with companies to develop marketing strategies geared towards strategic growth plans; Acting if required as remote marketing managers, managing the team, marketing activities and holding meetings to review progress. They can also provide training in any marketing specialism, thus transferring skills into the client organisation on a permanent basis.


In the past 9 years, Kirsty and Karen have advised, coached and trained over 500 SME’s and several corporate/blue chip clients throughout the Midlands and the North. Their website is littered with testimonials, statistics and stories about the growth that they have helped to create for their client base.

Their aim is to match marketing efforts to commercial goals, plan activities, simplify them and impart the skills to clients so that they may implement the marketing effectively themselves. Their case load over the past nine years has given them both unparalleled experience in many different sectors and with a range of different sized organisations.

We are delighted to welcome them as a valuable addition to the CMBD team of experts.
Professional Qualifications/Affiliations  

- 8 years as a Chartered Marketer, CIM (KS & KK)

- Postgraduate Diploma, CIM, MBA equivalent (KS)

- First Class BA Hons, Marketing (KS)

- BA Hons, Business Management (KK)

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