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The Emotional Intelligence Programme – 2 days & 3rd follow-up day

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Carroll Macey
Carroll runs the Level 7 Performance Management module and works with CMBD clients to help enhance effectiveness in their roles through development of non-technical knowledge, skills and awareness of mental models that drive behavioural changes needed to achieve personal and organisational success.
Carroll’s passion is in working with organisations to drive results and enhance performances. Her approach to this is through a recipe of workshop facilitation (where knowledge and tools are shared), executive coaching (where insights are gained and obstacles removed) and performance management (where processes are explored and behaviours optimised to drive results).

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About the Programme:                                                   Download these details:

The Emotional Intelligence Programme builds on the one day Emotional Intelligence & Personal Impact workshop that is available and also compliments the engaging Mindfulness programme,
Focus – Finding the Space to Success (Please click on the links for details).

The programme is positioned in relation to the wider context of leadership and management in aspects such as:

- The business context and importance of developing the ‘right attitude’ for successful, emotionally
  intelligent leaders of the future

- An insight into Emotional Intelligence, providing a structure and framework for developing greater
  understanding of its importance in the work place

- Generating a clear picture of the benefits of enhancing emotional intelligence in your organisation
  and what this might look like

- Developing a common inspiring leadership language

- Developing an enabling culture, and leaders with ‘style and form’

- Creating successful relationships with peers, colleagues and customers

- Becoming perceived as a compelling role model within the business

The Emotional Intelligence Programme is designed for a maximum of 12 delegates per cohort and takes the form of a two day event  followed by a further 1 day module a few weeks later, with delegates being asked to undertake a specific ‘real life’ project between modules.

Outcomes:- To enable leaders to:

- Feel valued by each other, their teams, their leaders and the organisational community

- Access the resources they need to act confidently, decisively and with empathy

- Discover new ways to grow and nurture purposeful and inspirational relationships and networks.
- Increase their determination to transform problems into possibilities with effective and sustainable

- Build reputation and brand, deliver bottom line results and profits through strong successful
  relationships with customers and peers


Each delegate will receive a copy of an emotional intelligence book that will be useful background reading. In the book there is a link to an Emotional Intelligence profile on line, the results of which we will explore in detail on the course to support the interpretation and understanding of the delegate’s personal reports.

Designed for:

This course is designed for managers and leaders looking to develop a high performing organisation, build strong internal and external relationships that will achieve mutually beneficial and sustainable success, enhancing both the engagement and motivation of employees.

You will learn:                                                              

The first day of the workshop will explore:

- What is Emotional Intelligence?

- Why is this important – to leadership?

- Understanding Emotional Intelligence – through exploring the realms of Intrapersonal, Interpersonal,
  Stress Tolerance, Adaptability and General Mood

- Building greater self and team awareness

- Defining your own strengths and areas to develop, create your action plan and understand what you
  and your team could do to be more successful

The second day will cover:

- Learning from day 1 and overnight reading

- Tips on coach approach to emotional intelligence-  listening, rapport, courageous conversations,
  inspirational feedback

- Practice in co-coaching
On the second day, the delegates will be set a challenge specifically targeted to apply the learning and actions from these two days back in the work place.

Final 3rd Day

Prior to the final day of the programme each delegate will receive a 75 minute one on one telephone coaching session to explore their emotional intelligence profile in more depth and to develop key areas for success.

The final day of the programme will take place after a period of approximately 6 weeks. Its purpose will be to review the learning and to focus on sustainability.  In this session delegates would:

- Update colleagues on the progress of their project exploring what has worked well and areas of

- Build on the learning around developing relationships

- Create mutual support systems for sustaining the new behaviours

- Commit to action plans for ongoing evolution


For more information, please contact Brent Warren on 07850 410033 or email brent@cmbd.org.uk

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