Coaching by CMBD

CMBD provides a full range of executive, business, management and team performance coaching delivered by some of the best and most experienced coaches in the country. We also offer training in coaching and mentoring skills to help you to build an in-house coaching capability and culture.

Coaching is a tool, a process, a methodology. it is a means to an end, not a goal or an end in itself, but a proven and highly effective approach to support and enable people and organisations to achieve their goals, to fulfil their potential.

The only reason for an organisation to embark on coaching programmes for their leaders and teams is to support the strategic goals and objectives of the business. Business coaching is not therapy or counselling; it is not just a nice to have or flavour of the month it is a well proven business tool with a strong ROI.

How Does Coaching Help our Clients? Dr John Collins
By Dr John Collins CMBD Coach

CMBD deliver great coaching outcomes and experiences for our customers. This is delivered by a team who have worked with thousands of businesses across most sectors, public and private. Great coaching is not about applying fixed formulas to an individual or business – it is about working with leaders, teams and businesses to help them identify where they want to be and how to use their unique strengths and capabilities to get there.

Our coaching services are integral to and fit seamlessly with the overall CMBD offering and approach. So we may be working with you and your Leadership team to develop and implement strategic growth plans or helping you to design and bring innovative services and products to market. We might be working with you to embed and use the lessons from a CMBD leadership programme. We could be coaching individuals or helping change dysfunctional teams to deliver great results. Whatever the focus and approach, it will be bespoke to you and will have been designed with you to deliver the results and performance you desire.

There are a large range of coaching styles and specialities available which can focus on broad or specific issues and needs, they may be described as leadership, transformation or transition coaching, they may be directed at performance, change, innovation, career development or behaviours. Whichever approach is needed CMBD will work with you to identify the best style and the most appropriate experienced coach for
you and your particular needs.

Executive Coaching Mike Epton
Mike Epton CMBD Coach

Today’s business leaders are under continuous pressure to deliver better results faster and more effectively with less resources, flatter organisational structures and global competition. They are usually expected to do this with minimal support and personal development whilst continuously improving their organisational competence and competitiveness.

Practically to keep ahead of their game, Leaders need to enhance their skills and develop at a faster rate than ever before, the best way to achieve this is through the individual support. challenge and personal development that an executive coach can offer.

Executive Coaching is one to one, an individualised approach to professional development which helps people to set and achieve the goals in which they believe. It can be used to build on and optimise an individual’s strengths in general or to target specific performance development needs

Coaching is about change, about helping a person to move from their current position to a desired future point, helping identify choices and building their self-belief and self-trust to make clear commitments and take the right actions to achieve their goals.
Your coach will work with you to challenge your thinking, your assumptions, and your comfort zones. She or he will keep you sharp – to see both the opportunities and the threats, and to keep the authentic approach that makes your business unique.

Business Development and Performance Coaching Leigh Dorling
Leigh Dorling CMBD Coach

Your business is growing, you are beginning to fly and you are visible. Clients love you, and competitors are beginning to notice you. But your future is now no longer solely in your own hands – it’s in the hands of those who work for you, it’s more than ever a team game. All of you need to be playing to your strengths, working as a team, and increasing your effectiveness and efficiency every day in order to extend your lead.

Your coach will help you look at things differently using individual and business strengths to explore possibilities and opportunities and to bring the fire, energy and imagination that made the business successful.

Your coach will work with you to identify how to get the best out of yourself and your team, your systems, your suppliers and your network. You will work on leadership, motivation, purpose, insight and inspiration. You will use your unique and authentic approach to delight your existing customers and accelerate your acquisition of new ones.

Coaching Teams Carroll Macey
Carroll Macey CMBD Coach

Not Finance, Not Strategy, Not Technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful…. and so rare. (P Lencioni).
But, it is true to say that many (most?) business teams remain highly dysfunctional, focussed on multiple, often unrelated goals and internal politics and are largely ineffective.

It used to be the case that coaching was focused on individuals and team coaching was simply about leading teams. However, today's more fluid environment and flatter structures require that teams themselves become a rich source of self-driven competitive advantage. A well organised and coached business team can out think and out manoeuvre larger competitors to build stronger, more effective and productive relationships across the supply chain.

Your CMBD coach will work with your teams to help them become seamless, able to understand, support and drive each other to ever higher levels of performance. With mutual trust and support, they can act as effective conduits for strengthening client relationships across all channels.  They can channel client feedback into your business quickly so that innovations and improvements can be identified and actioned. The business will be seen as both proactive and reactive and a dynamic business partner of choice to the best clients.

Coaching to embed, practice and develop learning Phil Atherton
Phil Atherton CMBD Coach

Common sense tells us that you can’t turn someone in to an effective leader or manager after a few training events, it takes time to absorb, practice and embed. Despite this most leadership and management training are events with little or no reinforcement and follow up coaching / mentoring. It is usually left entirely up to the participant whether they use what they have learnt or not!! Consequently, learning regresses very quickly and the potential benefit of the time and investment is lost.
CMBD therefore offers a range of coaching, mentoring, consultancy and psychometrics as well as reinforcement training to ensure you get the very best sustainable performance improvement and ROI from our CMI leadership and management training programmes.
Many businesses and organisations are recognising the benefits to both coaches and coachees of participation in in-house mentoring and coaching programmes. Provided that the organisation has an embedded culture of personal development and appraisal processes that link organisational goals to personal targets, then coaching and mentoring is the next logical step.

CMBD support in this area can provide coach and mentor training through workshops and the subsequent on-going support, coaching and mentoring of the individuals involved.

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