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Building Postive Relationships – 1 day

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Carroll Macey
Carroll runs the Level 7 Performance Management module and works with CMBD clients to help enhance effectiveness in their roles through development of non-technical knowledge, skills and awareness of mental models that drive behavioural changes needed to achieve personal and organisational success.
Carroll’s passion is in working with organisations to drive results and enhance performances. Her approach to this is through a recipe of workshop facilitation (where knowledge and tools are shared), executive coaching (where insights are gained and obstacles removed) and performance management (where processes are explored and behaviours optimised to drive results).

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The ability to work constructively within teams is essential for personal and organisational success. Being able to collaborate and influence peers, colleagues, managers and customers, confidently and with gravitas, enhances personal reputation and credibility. Managing interpersonal relationships can sometimes be difficult and we can experience a crisis of confidence and self-doubt, perhaps when we are not taken as seriously or valued as greatly by others.
In the work place, we must manage our interactions with others and it is not always easy when faced with aggressive or passive behaviour, or when working with people who are not as engaged as we are. Having some understanding of how to manage these relationships and behaviours, as well as having some techniques for dealing with different situations, helps us to be more confident and assertive. For all of us, there is a need to engage in social, professional and personal interactions that have positive outcomes.
The purpose of this course is to develop a working knowledge of different behaviours and to be able to quickly think through suitable responses and make measured choices when dealing with others.
During the workshop, we will use appropriate tools and exercises to develop understanding and skill while enjoying the opportunity to discuss, share and build upon shared experiences in a safe and comfortable environment.

The workshop is usually delivered in-house and can be delivered on a bespoke basis if required.
Designed for:
The course is designed for individuals of all backgrounds who need to engage with people at all levels. This may include colleagues, peers, managers, direct reports and customers in order to deliver excellent service and drive results.

You will learn:
- The foundations of belief and behaviour – that drive and affect our relationships
- Self-concept, self-esteem and confidence
- To recognise the importance of self-concept and its impact on different relationships
- Patterns of thinking and developing positive thinking
- Assertiveness, the basic set of rights and the benefits of assertiveness and assertive techniques
For more information and to discuss further, please contact Carroll Macey          carroll@cmbd.org.uk

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